Check Engine Light Services

A check engine light on a car’s dashboard can mean a number of things, including a gas cap not on tight enough, bad spark plugs or spark plug wires, or a short in the car’s electronic ignition or fuel injection. The light may also indicate a problem with the numerous hoses, pumps, seals or valves in a car’s emissions system. However, no matter what the light is indicating, the vehicle needs professional attention. A check engine light comes on to let drivers know that something has gone wrong. A Certified Automotive Technician is able to electronically diagnose the cause of the light and determine what service will be necessary.

Benefits of Check Engine Light Service

To keep a car running efficiently over time, it is important to maintain the car properly and punctually. It is important to act right away when a dashboard trouble light comes on. In the case of the check engine light, it does no good to wait and see if the light goes off. Once the light is tripped, it won’t go off until a technician checks the trouble code and resets the light. Something as simple as a bad spark plug will eventually cause the car to run poorly and damage the engine. Engine repair is far more expensive than spark plug and spark plug wire replacement. Additionally, a properly maintained vehicle not only lasts longer, it is more fuel efficient, saving the driver money and leaving less of an impact on the environment.

Certified Automotive Technicians

Chrysler dealerships only employ Certified Automotive Technicians for all vehicle maintenance and repairs. These technicians are professionally trained to diagnose and repair any mechanical issue a car may have, no matter what make or model. The technicians go through a variety of training courses that continue over the course of the technician’s employment to make certain that the dealership has the latest diagnostic and repair information and updates. Technicians also have access to numerous print and electronic manuals and resources, as well as access to all the necessary tools and equipment. In short, every Chrysler Certified Dealership service department has the knowledge, experience and resources of one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the nation.

Only Quality Automotive Parts

An additional benefit of a check engine light service at a certified dealer is that no matter how simple or complex the repair, technicians only use quality original equipment manufacturer, OEM, parts. Rather than using cut rate aftermarket parts with no guarantees or warranty, certified dealers use factory parts specifically designed for specific automobiles. OEM parts last longer and can be replaced under warranty free of charge.

For drivers who care for their vehicles and rely on them daily, a check engine light service can be the difference between a minor maintenance job and an expensive repair or replacement. The service can also increase the life of vehicle and improve how well it functions. With these benefits, it makes perfect sense to bring your vehicle in to your regional Certified Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealership for great service, certified technicians, and quality OEM parts.