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Ram Trucks vs. Ford Trucks

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Finding the perfect vehicle for you or your family is never easy. Maybe you own a farm or small business, participate in local volunteer work or would like to get more involved with helping in your community, or maybe you just like having space for transporting and spending time with friends -- regardless of what your specific need is, a Ram truck presents the perfect solution.

Ram trucks are often compared to other vehicle brands such as Ford, and today’s car buyers are fortunate in that they have sources that can create and present essential comparisons between these two brands. However, even a cursory review of the key factors presented on this page unequivocally show Rams to be the better option.

The following information was collected from prestigious sources such as Edmunds.com, Kelly Blue Book, and official government reports at Fueleconomy.gov, and Ram repeatedly outshines competing Ford models in many areas, including value for quality, safety, fuel efficiency, warranty options, and cost to own.

Value for Quality

Whether you are looking for a brand new model or looking to save a little money by buying a slightly older vehicle, Ram trucks are consistently listed at lower prices. This includes options such as the 2015 Ram 150 Regular Cab: although listed at a higher value, it is still sold for a lower price than the 2015 Ford F-150 Regular Cab.


When it comes to the all-important factor of safety, Ram again outshines comparable Ford models. For example, not only do Ram trucks earn 4 or 5 stars in every consideration, in the category of frontal impact Fueleconomy.gov ranked Ram trucks with 4 out of 5 stars, compared to only 3 stars earned by similar Ford models.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the biggest questions facing any car or truck shopper is that of fuel efficiency; fortunately Ram has the answer for that question. Government sources again consistently record Ram’s fuel efficiency to soar higher than that of Ford, especially on highway driving -- including various models that will save the average user over $1000 per year.

Warranty Options

For those looking to ensure the long-term care of their vehicle, Ram offers superior warranty options with 5 year warranties for Powertrain and roadside assistance covering up to 100,000 miles - nearly twice the mileage covered by comparable Ford warranties.

Finally, with glowing reports, Edmunds.com declares Ram to far outshine Ford in many areas that intricately affect cost to own over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime: Ram depreciates at only 64% the rate the Ford depreciates while consistently costing less to repair, Ram can save you nearly $1500 per year in maintenance fees, and finally, insuring Ram trucks will annually cost less than insuring similar Ford models.

With so many benefits to investing in a Ram truck, why not come by and test drive one? We welcome you to our dealership to experience for yourself why Ram trucks are the perfect vehicle for you!

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