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Professional Coverage for Lasting Peace of Mind: The Mopar® Vehicle Protection Program at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford

If you are like most drivers, you value peace of mind for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brand or Ram model. And here at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford, these reassurances come to fruition through the Mopar® Vehicle Protection Program we offer inside of our showroom.

Choose from seven different plans to fortify your vehicle's core components. These respective options allow you to invest in a bright future for your daily commuter. And as you will see, these specific plans are distinguished from competing coverage, as the only protection backed by FCA US LLC.

Why Mopar Vehicle Protection Over Other Coverage?

Backed by the original equipment manufacturer, the Mopar® Vehicle Protection Program comes with professional standards to align with the peace of mind that you deserve as a driver. With each coverage plan, certified factory-trained technicians here at our dealership will work on your vehicle. This team utilizes genuine Mopar® parts with these service requests, as genuine replacement components with veteran expertise help set your vehicle up for long-term success on the open road.

Seven Protection Plans for your Vehicle

Our team accepts all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Brand and Ram models, with the majority of makes also qualifying for Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan coverage here in Oxford, PA.The following plans are available for purchase at our dealership today:

Maximum Care For New Vehicles
Added Care Plus for New Vehicles
MVP Platinum Lease Plans
Lease Wear & Tear Coverage
Two Year Maximum Care Extended Protection
MVP Maximum Care Money Back Guarantee
RAM Advantage Package

Explore the specifics of each individual plan with our tabbed options below, and reach out to our team to review additional details before starting on professional Mopar® protection coverage for your vehicle!

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Maximum Care

Mopar® Maximum Care for New Vehicles in Oxford, PA

Ready to comprehensively cover over 5,000 critical components for the new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brand or Ram model you purchased here at our Oxford, PA dealership? The Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan makes this a reality through Maximum Care for New Vehicles coverage, with varied term options and deductible levels to customize based on your respective needs.

If you have a mechanical issue with your vehicle at any point, then its covered under this plan that you choose to purchase. Beyond factory warranty coverage helps to protect your vehicle’s engine, transmission, driveline, steering, suspensions, brakes and much more, even the heated seats or navigation system built in. Additional benefits for this plan include first day rental allowance and car rental allowance, along with key fob repair and replacement protection.

With factory-trained certified technicians ready to work on any problems that arise utilizing authentic Mopar® parts, your vehicle comes with quality support at a professional level with this impactful plan. Review term options and personalize your own coverage with the help of our team today.

Added Care Plus

Added Care Plus for New Vehicles: An Official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan in Oxford, PA

Searching for a warranty coverage plan that covers extensive components, among other impressive highlights? Our team at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford recommends Added Care Plus for New Vehicles, available at our dealership today through the official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Program. This coverage extends to vehicles that feature at least five-years, 60,000-miles powertrain warranty coverage within 48 months from the vehicle’s in-service date and 48,000 miles.

Plan Highlights and Component Coverage

Covering over 850 major components, this warranty plan spans across key categories with your vehicle for well-rounded peace of mind in your investment. From the engine to transmission, drivetrain, steering, electrical, suspension and much more, protection extends to even the subtlest functions of your new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brand or Ram model. Noteworthy plan features include up to $100 coverage for 24-hour Sign-and-Go Towing and Roadside Assistance, along with:

  • Trip Interruption Protection (Up to $1,000 Coverage)
  • Key Fob Repair and Replacement
  • First Day Rental Allowance
  • Car Rental Allowance
  • Transfer Policy for Remaining Coverage (Increased Value Potential for Sale)

Ready to learn more about available term length and eligible options with this plan? Personalize your plan today through our team, as we can process your application and answer questions you may come up with.

MVP Platinum Lease Plans

The Official Mopar® Lease Protection You Deserve at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford

Peace of mind extends beyond the purchase of a new vehicle here at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford, with official Mopar® Vehicle Protection delivering important reassurances to those that lease. The Mopar® Vehicle Protection Platinum Lease Plan supports your vehicle with premier factory-backed protection coverage, which we go into more detail on with examples of this plan’s features below.

Road Hazard Tire & Rim Protection

If your tires and rims suffered damage due to hazardous road conditions, then you won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses. This coverage extends to all four tire and rims damaged due to these factors, issuing a full replacement to get you back out on the road confidently.

Auto Appearance Care Plus

This unlimited coverage plan applies to minor but important damages that your vehicle may accrue at one point or another. From windshield coverage for glass chips and cracks to paintless dent repair and damages to seats, carpeting and floor mats, support the exterior and interior of your vehicle lease for stress-free driving and a bright future ahead.

Explore more of the features for this Platinum Lease Plan, offered as part of Mopar® Vehicle Protection, and reach out to our team to begin moving the process forward.

Lease Wear and Tear

Lease Wear and Tear Coverage: Support your Vehicle with Official Mopar® Protection in Oxford, PA

Want to protect your vehicle lease from wear and tear that may naturally accrue over time? Official Mopar® Vehicle Protection, available here at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford, keeps your vehicle covered for these occurrences. This protection takes you off the hook for potential end of lease charges if this damage does occur, proving a worthwhile investment that we encourage you to consider today. With zero deductible and up to $5,000 of coverage with excess wear, the value built into this plan is plainly clear to see.

Components Covered for your Vehicle Lease

Common items covered for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brand or Ram lease under this Mopar® Official Protection Plan include:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Chrome trim and moldings
  • Glass
  • Exterior dents and scratches
  • Interior tears and stains
  • Door and hatch handles

Learn more about this factory-backed coverage, outlined as part of the Mopar® Vehicle Protection program, by connecting with our team today! As an authorized Mopar® dealership, we look forward to getting started.

2 Year Maximum Care

Mopar® Two-Year Maximum Care Extended Protection, Available in Oxford, PA

Enjoy factory-backed warranty coverage beyond just the standard three-year, 36,000-mile basic limited warranty your vehicle currently features with official Mopar® two-year maximum care extended protection, available to purchase today here at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford.

For eligible FCA and competitive make models (include active 3/36 base limited coverage, warranty coverage with 12 and 36 months of vehicle in-service date or between 12,000 and 36,000 miles on odometer), you can look forward to maximum coverage that spans over 5,000 components throughout your vehicle. With protection this thorough, peace of mind becomes the expectation and not an exception. A team of certified, factory-trained technicians at our service center here in Oxford, PA even completes the factory-backed warranty work that does apply, so you can place your full faith in professionals that deliver guaranteed results consistently.

Interested in learning more about two-year maximum care extended protection and the Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan options you may qualify for? Call our team or stop by today to get the balling rolling on these program reassurances.

MVP Maximum Care Money Back Guarantee

Maximum Care Money Back Guarantee: The Official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Difference in Oxford, CA

Do you value the reassurances that come with warranty coverage, but dread the thought of paying for something that you may never actually use? With the Maximum Care Money Back Guarantee, an official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan here at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford, you can expect a refund up to the maximum suggested retail price if mechanical component repairs or diagnostics claims aren’t needed for the duration of the contract you sign!

Reassurance and the Potential of a Refund: Features of this Plan to Consider

Choose a coverage term from five and eight years and between 60,000 and up to 125,000 total miles after consulting with our team to confirm what you’re looking for in your personalized plan. This guarantee allows you to reap the rewards of additional program benefits, outlined in the bullet points above, without having to sacrifice your money-back refund pledge. This means that you can enjoy comprehensive coverage for over 5,000 components in your vehicle, along with eligible warranty features, and have the potential to receive a maximum value refund if your vehicle never requires mechanical repairs or diagnostic claims.

Ready to learn more or have questions? Our team can review more specifics from this plan and set you up with these comprehensive benefits!

Ram Advantage

Ruggedness Meets Peace of Mind with the Ram Advantage Package, An Official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan

Looking for something more than your Ram truck’s active five-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty coverage when it comes to long-term protection and security? With the official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan, you can cover over 5,000 mechanical components among other program benefits through the Ram Advantage Package here at Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oxford. We go into greater detail below, outlining some of the program’s top highlights and additional coverage features you can look forward to.

Ram Advantage Package – Noteworthy Features

This protection plan includes five-year, 100-mile maximum care coverage, comprehensively backing your vehicle for peace of mind that you can count on. This protection plan also includes two years or four coupons to use on vehicle lube, oil and oil filter packages, along with $100 with trailer towing allowance!

Explore more of the benefits this package incorporates with the bullet points below, and reach out to our team to review more of the official Mopar® Vehicle Protection Plan options before getting started here at our authorized dealer location in Oxford, PA.